Choosing The Right Vitamin D Supplements

Choosing The Right Vitamin D Supplements

Choosing The Right Vitamin D Supplements. Vitamin D is needed especially during winter since people cannot get enough of it from the sunlight. However, today, stocking up vitamin D supplement is just as necessary due to the COVID-19 lockdown. It is needed to help strengthen our immune system. Taking 10mg of vitamin D daily will help you stay healthy. Vitamin D is also good for bones and muscles.

Also, vitamin D is important element for phosphor calcium absorption, as well as regulation of mood and immunity. Vitamin D3 especially good to help body fight against infectious agents such as viruses and bacteria. Vitamin D is micronutrient we really need during this pandemic because it can help support our immune system and reduce the risk of the spread. Therefore, the effects of the diseases can be minimized too.

Of Course, You Can Also Get Vitamin D From Other Sources Such As From Your Diet As Well As Sunlight

Choosing The Right Vitamin D Supplements

Diet As Well As Sunlight

However, getting proper amount of vitamin D in regular basis seems harder for vegan. It is because most of vitamin D derives from dairy products as well as oily fish. Therefore, finding the right vitamin D supplement is important as well. And here are recommended vitamin D supplements for your need:

Viridian Liquid Vitamin D Is Recommended For Vegan

Choosing The Right Vitamin D Supplements

Viridian Liquid Vitamin D

It contains 2000 IU per 5 ml serving. This supplement is made from sunflower seed oil as well as natural orange oil. Thus, it tastes pleasant. You can take this supplement daily as it is or add it to your drinks and foods. This supplement also derives from lichen not sheep’s wool. Thus, it is vegan-friendly. It is oil base supplement of vitamin D which gives excellent absorption.

The Nue Co Vitamin D Is Vitamin D Spray Containing 3000 IU Per Three Spray

Choosing The Right Vitamin D Supplements

The Nue Co Vitamin D

This is like the best solution for those who dislike swallowing pills or capsules of supplements. The benefit of supplement spray is that its faster absorption.

Together Health Vitamin D3 Capsules Is Gluten-free With 1000 IU Per Capsule

It is also vegan friendly because it has bio-active vegan and plan based vitamin D3 with lichen and base taken from coconut oil. Thus, it can also helps improve the rate of absorption. This supplement of vitamin D is also free from additive wheat and gluten, as well as allergens.

DLux Junior Vitamin D Oral Spray Is For Children

It is highly advised that children are not given supplement that is not for them. This supplement is designed for children so it is safe for consumption. It contains 400 IU vitamin D per spray. There is also another version of this supplement spray for 6 months old with orange flavor to make it taste more pleasant.

Lyma Supplement is vitamin D supplement for menopause containing 2000IU. Menopause causes drastic drop in bone density. Thus, taking vitamin D supplement can help. This supplement provides vitamin D3 combined with K2. it also uses a sustainable vegan source, Vita Algae D3. it derives from algae. This supplement however still contain non-vegetarian ingredients even though it is vegetarian. Choosing The Right Vitamin D Supplements.