Sensitive Skin And Nail Polishes

Sensitive Skin And Nail Polishes

Sensitive Skin And Nail Polishes. Having sensitive skin makes you work harder to find the right product such as for skincare or makeup. Sensitive skin is easily irritated, itchy, etc and the trigger is usually the ingredients contained in various skin products. Usually, you look at your skincare products or makeup when you feel your skin itchy or irritated. However, the culprit could be your nail polishes. They can contain various ingredients triggering for sensitive skin. Having glossy, beautiful manicure on the outside may make you suffer on the inside if you have such sensitive skin. Thus, choosing the right nail polishes is also a must.

There are some chemical ingredients in nail polishes that can trigger your sensitive skin such as DBP, toluene, formaldehyde, xylene, triphenyl phosphate, roisin, etc. Therefore, watch the ingredients before buying nail polishes especially if you have sensitive skin. Here are recommended nail polishes with cleaner formula for sensitive skin:

L’atelier Green is Considerably New Brand

Sensitive Skin And Nail Polishes

L’atelier Green

They have variety of beautiful collection of nail polish. The colors are also stunning. Not only that, their nail polishes are also water permeable as well as bio-sourced. Water permeable nail polish means air and water still can pass through the nail plate. Thus, your talent will be kept in good condition. They also use vegan, halal, organic formula. Their nail polishes are also 13-free. They also use beneficial, nourishing ingredients such as sweet almond oil, avocado, zinc, and ginseng.

Mavala Have Small But Mighty Collection Of Safe Nail-polishes For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin And Nail Polishes

Sensitive Skin And Nail Polishes

Their nail polishes are also free from 13 triggering chemical/ingredients for sensitive skin. The formula used by Mavala provides microscopic air pocket, allowing nails to breathe. It is also vegan-friendly. The color collection is impressive and lovely. The bottle contain only 5mg of nail polish. However, it is good to minimize wastage indeed. Super-sized nail polishes are impossible to finish anyway.

Kure Bazaar is French Brand Of Nail Polish You Can Choose For Your Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin And Nail Polishes

Kure Bazaar

They use 85% vegan formula along with fabulous color range They are also free from variety of chemical ingredients such as parabens, styrene, xylene, TPHP, nano colors, etc.

Orly Breathable Polish Has Some Pros On Them With Their Nail Polishes Collection

From the name itself, this nail polish claims to be more breathable for nail. The formula used in their nail polish collection is vegan friendly, halal, and 13-free. They also use nourishing ingredients in their formula such as argan oils, vitamin B, and vitamin C to ensure the health of your nails, keeping them in their best condition.

Cienna Rose have very unique nail polish collection.

A round-lidded nail polishes are not common so they do great job in their packaging. They also use 12-free formula for their nail polishes with stunning color range. Another good point of this nail polish is that they don’t use any ingredients derived from animals as well as parabens. The formula is also enriched with variety of natural vitamins as well as essential oils. Thus, nails will stay healthy while looking glossy and pretty.